LaRoseHeadShotScott LaRose, isn’t he that tall, hilarious, good looking, comic actor guy? Yes but isn’t he now that, actor/DGA Director guy? Yes and also the same guy that Bill Brownstein said was “destined to be the next stand-up superstar” at The Montreal Comedy Festival 98.

In the world of comedy Scott LaRose has carved a niche that many emulate but few can follow. In Los Angeles, he’s on the “favorites” list of club owners Jamie Masada (The Laugh Factory) who says, “Scott LaRose is… comedy goldmine” and Bud Freidman (The Improv) who says, “He’s a sitcom waiting to happen!”

But stand-up comedy is only one facet of Scott’s career. Ever since being chosen (by audition only) to go to N.Y.U.’s prestigious Theater Program, his reputation as an actor has gained momentum with each role he plays.

Guest-starring appearances include episodes of:The Jamie Foxx Show as Sandy Davis, an effeminate dog trainer; The Naked Truth as Tea Leoni’s immature boyfriend Skip; Seinfeld as Greg, Elaine’s open lipped kisser who caught George peeing in the shower; Ellen, as a slick, successful photographer; Melrose Place, (two episodes) as the big shot “New Yawker” boss of Andrew Shue; Northern Exposure, as Dr. Neil Weisberg, the best friend of Rob Morrow; Doogie Howser,M.D., as a computer-hacking genius ; and L.A. Law, as, Kyle Thunder, a zany TV weatherman opposite Jill Eikenberry.

Scott is probably most recognizable for his over 200 national television commercials. New York Magazine predicted his 1996-97 “Two Guys” series of McDonald’s spots were “destined to outshine whatever entertainment they interrupt.”


He has also done hundreds of award winning radio commercials and many cartoons, including the Emmy award winning, Life with Louie.

A comedy tour of the UK made Scott a hit with the “Brits.” The BBC national and local affiliates were competing for his time on the air. The London Herald called him “brilliant,” and ” very quick, very observant, and very witty…a master of visual gaggery, slow motion, and fast forward moves. More of an actor than a stand-up.” Scott’s fans describe his style as “high energy,” “truthful,” “on the edge,’” “no holds barred.”

Hosting has also been a favorite of his. In the past he’s hosted, MTV’S half-hour comedy hour & NBC’S Later to name a few.

He is also very proud of his feature film work. His film roles range from, Dicky Diamond, the foul mouthed ship comedian in he and Adam Sandler’s first movie, Going Overboard, to Singh, one of the hilarious Punjabi 7-11 workers in Booty Call. Other roles that Scott has sunk his acting chops into were, as David Naughton’s brother in the off-road race adventure, Desert Steel, and Disney’s The Sixth Man, as an amped up, hotshot, sports announcer. Or in Ron Howard’s, Ed TV as Desipio, the drugged up, network executive underling of Rob Reiner. Most recently being seen in Mirimax’s DVD release of Mark Hamill’s, Comic book: The Movie

You can also tune into Comedy Central (just about any hour) and catch Scott’s high rated, half-hour special, Lounge Lizards, or see him break the record for “making the most people laugh on one episode ” of, Make Me Laugh (five people!).

Another feather in his very large hat was Directing Linda Blair in a 20 minute, over the edge, parody of “The Blair Witch Project ” called “The Blair Bitch Project “. The hilarious short had it’s international premiere at the Cannes film festival where it was sold to making it the “highest paid” short in the history of the internet. Now it can only be found on the Comedy Hell DVD.

That leads us to the most recent chapter for Scott, writing and Directing his first feature, a comedy horror film called “Comedy Hell” which is best described as… 1 night , 3 comics and a serial killer named Wayne. You can see the unrated trailer @ and digitally download it right now.


You can also check out him @

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